About me

Òscar Sarramia

Illustrator, designer and producer from Lleida, I have been working in the field of animation, design and illustration since 1996. Creator, director and artistic director of the series Horaci the inuit.

I was born in Lleida in 1972. As a child I did what all the children of 72 did: I played in the street, skinned my knees, watched that television that only had two channels, snacked on Nocilla, dreamed of being a footballer and filled the margins of school books

One day my father decided to learn oil painting and I discovered that I loved to accompany him. Since then, playing soccer and drawing were my two passions. I started drawing for zines about football and rock, and after realizing that I wouldn’t get very far as a football player, I trained as an illustrator and tried my luck in all kinds of styles: advertising, press, cartoons …